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Inclusive Design Standards and Guidelines

Develop Inclusive Design Standards and Guidelines

To meet the unique requirements of large organisations we frequently Accessibility symbols wheelchair, hearing, vision, ambulant disabled.  Access is more than building ramps!
develop ‘Inclusive Design Standards and Guidelines’ which are used as reference documents for refurbishment and new build projects. 

Experience has shown that the availability of these bespoke ‘design standards and guidelines’ enables a continuity of approach from architects, designers and maintenance personnel. They also ensure access is considered at a time when the implications of cost and disruption are at their lowest.

Our development of ‘Design Standards and Guidelines’ through detailed discussion provide assurance to a client that DDA implications have been fully considered, whilst enabling a continuity of approach throughout the organisation.

Review of Inclusive Design Standards and Guidelines

This service reviews an organisations existing design guidelines and standards to identify areas where they may be vulnerable to a challenge under the DDA. The review findings are summarised in a report and, working with in-house architects and designers we resolve the issues identified and discuss possible solutions that are in keeping with the company standards and ethos.

Our Review of Design Standards and Guidelines provides a report highlighting areas where a client is likely to be building barriers and may be vulnerable to a challenge under the DDA.

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